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About Us

A local action group supported by a team of volunteers, with an ambitious goal to create a pathway to 100% renewable energy for the Bellarine Peninsula.

100% Clean Bellarine (100CB) was born from the Barwon Heads Sustainability Group (BHSG). Our founder and former BHSG member, Karen Weaver, having held several senior roles relating to the development of renewable energy policy at the Victorian Department of Land, Water, Environment and Planning (DELWP), had a vision for a local organisation that could play a role in accelerating the pathway to renewable energy for the Bellarine Peninsula. 

Roping in local friends and acquaintances, Karen established 100CB as an incorporated association in August 2018. Our member base grows with each successful project. In 2020 we released the 100% Clean Bellarine Roadmap outlining our mission – Creating a pathway to 100% renewables for the Bellarine – and establishing an emissions baseline for the Bellarine Peninsula. 

100CB has successfully launched a series of projects aligned with this mission, including solar bulk buys, educational events and RE-lectrification projects.

Many volunteers have assisted with 100CB projects over the years. New input is always welcome, and you can join as a volunteer by emailing

Our Team

Our core team is currently:

Karen Weaver


With great technical knowledge, an established network and a deep understanding of the political drivers behind Australia’s pathway to renewable energy, Karen provides leadership and inspiration to 100CB.

Angela Hawdon


With a career in natural resource management working with government (Parks Victoria, Victorian Government), private sector (BHP Billiton) and environmental NGOs, Angela Hawdon brings her passion for the environment to her role as Secretary at 100CB.

Michael Murphie


With a background in managing and administrating health, education and social services, Michael Murphie has always had a passion for the environment. His belief in the role of energy provision in lowering emissions fuels his role as Treasurer at 100CB.

Alex Houlston

As co-founder of energy software-as-a-service platform, BOOM, Alex Houlston is supporting others to achieve net zero and the electrification of property portfolios by accelerating decision-making, reducing transactions costs, and showing the world tangible impacts. Alex is a co-author of the 100% Clean Bellarine Roadmap and a regular advisor on 100CB projects.

Alicia Brown

A marketing strategist and founder of New Doors, a marketing agency specialising in working with businesses involved in the built environment, Alicia Brown has provided strategic, administrative and marketing support for 100CB since its inception.

Alvyn Williams

Alvyn Williams is the founder of Soft Loud House Architects, a small rural architectural practice located in regional Victoria, Australia. He is a founding member and regular volunteer at 100CB.

Our partners and supporters

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